A downloadable game

Just updated to a new version. A lot of visual changes, modification to platforming (slowed down the platforms), levels redesing, general bugfixing.


Bloodhack is a platformer game with a twist. You don't wait for the platforms. You don't fight your enemies in a traditional way.


- Hack platforms to control their movement or use them as a shield,

- hack enemy turrets and make them shoot other turrets or destroy gates,

- use you bloodshield to defend against the turrets,

- it's creepy.

Use the power of bloodhacking to survive the laboratory and find the answers to some questions.

Why are you there? Why do you have the red mask? What is the point of all this? Uncover the truth.


Game created for #IWantToCreate contest. I really hope you will enjoy it.

Install instructions

Simply download and run the Bloodhack.exe


Bloodhack.exe 42 MB


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Just updated the game and uploaded a gameplay video of it. If you just want to quickly watch the game instead of playing it - here it is.